Learn how to use Board portal by following these 5 simple instructions

Learn how to use Board portal by following these 5 simple instructions

Automation and digital transformation have reached the level of the top management of corporations. This article will explain how to realize the board portal platform to organize the transparent and productive activity of the board members.

Board portal – a new way to organize a productive board of directors

There is a demand for IT to become a source of competitiveness in business. Competitiveness, among other things, depends on the timely adoption of strategic decisions by collegial management bodies. To do this, it is necessary, first, to promptly provide persons sitting in such bodies and making strategic and tactical decisions with up-to-date information; secondly, to organize and hold meetings of collegiate bodies in the most convenient and fast way. And just information technology plays a significant role in this. That is why CIOs are actively looking for solutions for business customers from the collegial management unit that meet some criteria: convenience and comfort for top managers, system stability, ease of integration into the IT landscape, and compliance with information security requirements. In this case, the board software is the most suitable solution for all these parameters.

One of the most serious problems that reduce the effectiveness of management in general and meetings in particular is that participants do not have time to get acquainted with the materials before going to the meeting. High executives have very tight schedules and very little time. And you can’t put such a pile of papers in a portfolio, and a letter with the correct version of the materials is not easy to find in the email stream. With the board software, the information you need is on your tablet, two clicks away. It is always up-to-date and displayed in a structured way. All materials are available in advance – from the moment the meeting is prepared, and it is possible to work with materials offline.

How to implement the board software: 5 simple instructions

After selecting the board portal software, you must implement it and then configure it correctly. The quality of the software, the ability to use all the functions, and the effectiveness of the board portal will depend on the correctness of the actions. So, following https://urbanmatter.com/what-are-the-key-benefits-associated-with-a-board-of-directors-software/, there are 5 simple steps to set up the boardroom for your needs:

  1. Installing the program with the deployment of all the main software modules and setting up the working configuration and functionality.
  2. Setting up business process regulations, including the procedure for registering documentation (incoming, outgoing), the procedure for approval, editing, approval, etc.
  3. Preparation of software for further use with the development of user rights, setting up report forms and adjusting workflow optimization tools.
  4. Testing the system for security and stability of use – allows you to identify and eliminate technical errors, and possible vulnerabilities in the integration or product settings.
  5. Training of specialists is carried out at the end of the implementation of the board portal and involves the distribution of user roles between the company’s personnel. Training is carried out taking into account the duties and powers of the staff.

In the future, already during the board software operation, the system’s final debugging is performed, including customization of the interface, for the convenience of users. On average, for a small enterprise, it takes 3-4 weeks to implement a light program. For large enterprises, this time can increase to several months, depending on the complexity of the integration and deployment.